Prom Dresses

Nothing quite beats the swishing sound of a shiny prom dress to feel like a princess. Perhaps the biggest reason for some people to buy the prettiest prom dress on the rack at a local store is because they want to experience the elegance that is a part of that special evening.

Over The Years

  • Fifties Prom Dresses

    Sometimes, the dresses that are the most fun to wear for the silliest of reasons are the old style fifties prom dresses. You can grab a chiffon and crinoline number and sashay out to tea with your friends in style! They have that old-time charm and beauty.

  • Sixties Prom Queens

    Ah, the sixties! – now that is an era in time past that you would love to visit with the help of your friendly neighborhood vintage clothing store. The sparkling satin dresses, looking like something the Supremes would have worn, are naughty but nice!

  • Rocking The Eighties

    What do you get when you combine punk with sequins? Why, an eighties prom dress, of course! Black being the color of the decade, you can't help but pick out the most outrageous one you can find, and top it with a black punker wig. Too cool!

Prom Dresses

So if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind prom dress for that special night or you’re one of those people that may be well past their prime to be attending a prom dance, you can still dress up like a princess. So head out to your neighborhood prom dress store or even that great vintage store around the corner to grab a prom dress for a fun night out. You can even find prom dress stores online.