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Jannah Network

Serving the Online Muslim Community

Welcome to the Jannah Network - Serving the Online Muslim Community! est 2007

The Jannah Network is a platform for receiving and exchanging knowledge through a variety of means. Having a virtually and diversely accommodating setup, we cater to an audience of all demographics. With over 30,000 registered users (and counting), the Network offers a variety of publicly-available opportunities.

Mission & Vision

The Jannah Network aspires to attract visitors towards a sense of unity, sincerity, humility, compassion, and acceptance, all the while using education as a step towards purification. Only through the Infinite Mercy and Guidance of Allah Ta'ala, we are determined to develop creative pathways to achieving this goal.


Our objective is simply to provide a common ground for communication and inspiration, making it possible to form a close-knit online community while also achieving the following goals:
  • Establish a strong foundation in principles of worship, faith, and knowledge
  • Provide users with a means of education catered to their preferences (such as a radio station, interactive forum, and blogging network)
  • Instill a sense of acceptance, unity, and compassion despite disagreement
  • Uphold an environment of purity, professionalism, and high-standards
  • Encourage users to express active participation in the community with utmost sincerity and honesty
  • Empower individuals with beneficial knowledge to implement in their lives immediately