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Amina - A Story of a Polish Revert

I want to share you the story of my friend Amina, who is Polish and lives in Poland ,who embraced Islam after hearing the adhan (azan) in Poland (I didn't even know u would hear somewhere azan in Poland in public). English is her second language btw. It is very inspirational, makes you realise just how the call to prayers of Adhan in a non Muslim country can be a path to open the doors of Islam to people, and here is her story.. I am awed of her family acceptance. I am aware that there are many stories of people who come to Islam, but it is pretty rare to read one from a person in Poland ;) but Alhamduillah Amina informed that after telling two girls about Islam in Poland, they both embraced Islam as well.

May Allah guide us to give good Dawah, Ameen.

My Muslim name is Amina and as it suggests, I 'converted' to Islam. Many people ask me how did it happen, that a person from Europe and especially a country like Poland with a strong historical background of church and Christianity, got interested with Qur'an. I always reply that it's due to my nature- curious, rebellious.I was never kind of blind believer as well. Or may be it was all determined by my name given to me at baptism-'s well known that the first person with that name, couldn't also just sit right back in paradise and enjoy the view.

Anyhow, to make it justice, let's start from very beginning...

I was born and raised in normal Roman-Catholic family in Poland. At an early age I was enchanted with church and Bible. Almost daily mass, being in church's choir, helping in ceremonies, attending religious lectures. I was really into practicing the faith I was born in. I even wanted to be a nun! Yet as time went by and I grew up, more questions and contradictions were arising within me, which I just couldn't ignore. I tried to find answers, understand, but satisfying explanations weren't coming.

Breakthrough came with high school time I guess. As 15 year old teen, I cut myself from church and started my research for truth and God.went through lot of religious reading, philosophies etc. Basically for a few years I lived with out any religion, yet with belief that there is a God, I want to find.

Then one day, a few months before my 18th birthday, something drew my attention. I was visiting my aunt for a few days in a different city. I was walking down the street, kinda lost as I took the wrong bus and instead of getting to the big shopping Mall, I arrived in a completely unknown district. So, there I was, trying to get to a bus stop in the opposite direction to where I came from, when all of sudden I heard something absolutely new for me. Now I know it was the Adhan (call to prayer). I remember very well how it sounded and how it made me feel. It was truly God's call, as I just couldn't resist and went into the building that it was coming from.

I had small talk with the Imam there, borrowed a few Islamic books and this is how it started. It took me almost a year and a half until one day I decided to accept Islam as my religion and till today at the age of 27, I've never regretted my choice. Of course that doesn't mean that life since that time is going smooth or that now I don't struggle with questions and doubts, of course not. I'm not living in a dream nor fairytale. Like everyone I have my ups and downs, yet now, after becoming Muslim, many things make sense to me, and I'm more at peace. I've really evolved.

It wasn't an easy decision but at the same time it wasn't difficult as well. I was never ladette (loud) though also not over serious. My family accepted my choice practically with out any problems. Maybe it's because Islam is not only a religion but a way of living and very similar life style we used to have. Either way, the result is good. There is still much I have to learn and digest though, but most importantly, that first step was already made... peace.

Written by Amina (2008)